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Gina Simon

Thanks again, so very much for all you have done. It's such a treat to work with someone like you!

Dianna Torres Archibeque

Vice President, Signature Southwest Properties

I offer my highest recommendation for James Fenton of JAF Concepts. I've had the pleasure to work as colleagues with James from 2004 - 2006. Since 2006, I have had several opportunities to contract James for both my home and business. Working with James is awe-inspiring. James possesses the unique ability to ask the right questions and draw out important details that translate directly into his designs. He listens intently, gets to genuinely know his clients and works to make each space unique to the client's needs. He's a team player that can be counted on to see the specifics that can turn negative details into positive outcomes. I look forward to any opportunity to use James' unique skills and talents to allow me to see the possibilities from the blank canvas of a basic floor plan.


Joann and Dave

One of the many benefits of using James Fenton (owner/designer of JAF Concepts) is because he uses 3D design. This allows clients to see and better understand new kitchen or remodeling project before beginning construction. It helps people envision colors and textures, as well as resize and move windows, doors, lights, and even adjust ceiling heights. 3D designers help people better imagine projectsby seeing colors and textures close to real life before buying, helping get the most out of their budget.


Holly Harvey & David Windsor

My husband and I were referred to James Fenton by our builder to assist us with the design phase of our custom home. We already had a strong vision of how we wanted the finished product to look, but of course, needed a designer to bring that vision to fruition.

We had met with another designer who insisted on expressing his preferences (and using his previously implemented designs), while pushing ours to the side. The contrast between this experience and James' approach was incredible. James met with us in our home, so he could get an idea of how we lived. After each meeting at our home, the latest draft of our plans would reflect some convenient design element based upon what James observed during his visit. He took everything, including our daughter's safety and the special needs of our pets, into consideration.

James was able to introduce many unique and practical aspects to the home, all while preserving the overall aesthetics of the project. He was also easy to reach and always made time for our questions. We would highly recommend James to any friends looking to build or remodel their homes. We not only think of James as the accomplished professional who designed our beautiful home, but also as a friend.


Freddie Rivera, Jr.

First Choice Equity Builders, Inc,

James is a full hands on designer from the first meeting and until the plans are ready for Permit.

James goes the extra mile to make sure your design fits your needs.

I am a Commercial and Residential Builder, It is awesome to work with a designer who can take care of both my Residential needs as well as my Commercial needs.

James is a pleasure to work with.


Craig Parr / Regional Director


James Fenton has served as our company's architect for the three past builds in the city of Albuquerque. During the past builds he designed and oversaw construction of our branches in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. He is not only very thorough and worked with us during a few changes, but also made design changes quickly and communicated the new changes to both the city planners and contractors.

James took care of every detail, many times well beyond his responsibility, which helped me greatly. James was always available, day or night, for consultation. I would definitely call him a hands-on professional as opposed to those who rely on draftsmen or computers.

I strongly recommend James and will contact him with future designs.

If I can answer any questions, please don't hesitate to call me.


Diana and Robert Navarrette / Owners, Elite Dri-wall

We worked with James on the remodel of our kitchen. While we had a basic layout in mind, James was able to put the concept into a tangible form with his skills. We wanted to reuse our cabinetry but didn't have much idea of how that might be feasible.

James came to our home, took some photos, and within days had our layout back to us with computer generated pictures of what the finished room would look like. We tweeked these ideas a few times and James was always willing to come by to discuss things with us, and then follow up promptly with revised floorplans and pictures. He was a pleasure to work with - most professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend him highly.


Eric & Diane Szeman, Owner

Route 66 Malt Shop

We were faced with a daunting project…design our own "Dream-of-a-Lifetime" building…we had many ideas, but had only done small potatoes projects up 'til now. When we started working with James, it was great…he sensed our passion for the concept and adopted it as his own. He translated our ideas into reality, making changes within the state-of-the-art software that made our project come to life right before our very eyes.

Not only did he help our concepts materialize, but he came up with some of his own ideas that we loved. Many of his ideas became some of the focal points and center pieces of the whole concept…without his input the project would have been nice, but because of it, the project became fabulous! It was a pleasure to have worked with James and we owe him much for his efforts.

At the same time James was helping us with our Project, he was designing some Lofts as part of the development on our property. After seeing them in their near-finished stages, I was amazed at what he did with the fairly limited space available for them. I would feel very comfortable in any of them, and the features offered in them were those of typically larger lofts…nice job!


Jim O'Leary

Our contractor recommended James for a major remodel of our house. James has a great sense of practicality and attention to detail in his designs and had ideas for important things we had never even thought of. What we most liked about James is that he really listened and cared about how we live and our lifestyle when coming up with his designs.

Like most projects we made many changes from the initial design and James was professional and patient with us while we worked through the evolution of our project. Once we finalized our designs JAF delivered finished drawings on the date on which he promised. We would recommend JAF concepts to anyone doing large or small projects. Thanks James!



Sherry Fowler / President,

Signature Southwest Properties

We thoroughly enjoyed working with James Fenton. His creativity, knowledge and professionalism made the task of designing our space stress free.

We loved that we could visualize what our new space would look like with his 3-D virtual tour.

I would highly recommend James, he is truly the best!

Al-Hasen Said, M.S., EMG (ACE)

Working with James and his business (JAF Concepts) was the best thing ever that my family and I had. I was introduced to him through my contractor and I was lucky to meet him. I wanted to expand my house from the north side and I have an idea about how to do it, but when I showed the house to James, he gave a way better idea than mine and as a plus he built the model on the computer and made me walk through my new home, it was great, my family and I kind of got the feeling how it will looks like.

As a plus too, I got a friend now, every time I have something to do with the house or any problem, I call him and take his advice, and he is always welling to help me or fined some one that could help me.

Strongly recommend James and JAF Concepts for your projects and if want to see how your dream house might looks like.

A happy customer.


Gloria Brooks

Our first meeting with James Fenton, the owner of JAF Concepts was supposed to be a quick introduction and short discussion of our ideas for a custom home design. The short discussion turned into an interview . James wanted to know all about our hobbies; what issues we both have about storage; closets and other storage; ideal kitchen set up; and other space needs for our new home.

We already have the land for the new home, and it is an odd shape. We also had a basic design that we liked, but...... we wanted and needed more customisation to support our hobbies, meet our needs, and fit on the property. James probed and listened. He listened vary well. His design for our new home ratained some of the basic look that we brought to our first meeting, but his design exceeded our dreams.

Our new home will be spacious, have ample storage space, take advantage of a gorgeous view form all of the primary living space, maximize our desire for privacy, and accommodate our individual and shared retirement activities. We met with James a couple more times to refine small details. When we finalized the house design and got the plan drawings and detailed specifications for construction, we were thrilled.

Our first steps toward retirement were pleasurable, and we gained a new friend. We will recommend James to anyone looking for a custom home designer.


Rob & Ege Richardson

What makes James a good designer is not only his talent and vision, but also his caring and open-minded approach to his Clients. We appreciate how hard he worked in putting together our house plans to serve our family, our life style, and our preferences. He was pleasant to work with even though he had to re-draw the layouts to fit all aspects of our desires within the budget we want. His 3-D images were incredibly well-presented and were very helpful to us in visualizing what our new home would look like.

We would recommend James to anybody designing a home.

-- The Richardsons

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