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JAF Concepts 3D PFD Models

Download 3D PDF 8.5 meg.

PDF Brochure 2.1 Meg.


3D PDF are large files and may take

a some time to download. Once PDF

is downloaded the are fully interactive.

If your are unable to rotate model you

may need to update Adobe reader.

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Typ. Apartment Unit C-1

Download 3D PDF 3.91 meg

Download 3D PDF 35.5 meg.

PDF Brochure 1.1 Meg.

1420 Sq. Ft Trigger Plan

Download 3D Brochure 18.2 meg.


Hobbs. New Mexico

Download Full Plans Brochure

2600-A Sq. Ft Toronado Plan

Download 3D Brochure 25.2 meg.

2168 Sq. Ft Midnight Plan

Download 3D Brochure 21.3 meg.

1099 Sq. Ft Loco Plan

Download 3D Brochure 23.9 meg.

1905 Sq. Ft Boomer Plan

Download 3D Brochure 12.2 meg.

JAF House

9 Meg. Download

East Kitchen

3.48 Meg. Download

DR Horton Studio

3.8 Meg. Download

Dave's ADA Kitchen

9.8 Meg. Download

Ship's Bridge 12.2

5.8 Meg. Download

Container Cabin

9.25 Meg. Download

23' Tiny House

22.5 Meg. Download

Pancho's Bar

10 Meg. Download

Zia Sign

2.28 Meg. Download

Route 66 Sign

2.28 Meg. Download

3 Story Townhouse

79.1 Meg. Download


Old Route 66 Albuquerque, NM

Typical Flat
ADA Flat East
ADA Flat West
Flats Brochure
Leasing Info
De Anza Motel Historic Route 66
Nob Hill Motel Historic Route 66

De Anza Motel

Floor Plan

33.7 Meg.

De Anza Motel

Property Overview

23.8 Meg.

Nob Hill Motel

Floor Plan

8.50 Meg.


Nob Hill Motel

Property Overview

8.66 Meg.

3D Office Projects

Download 3D PDF 27.2 meg.

Download 3D PDF 23.1 meg.

Download 3D PDF 12.2 meg.

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Phone: (505) 315-9644